Strategic business course

The main strategic business course of the company is creating the most effective business model for manufacture of competitive products made of wear-resistant alloys on the world level, constant expansion of the product range and reduction of its production costs.
These aims can be attained by problem solving in the following strategic courses:

Expansion of the product range due to:

  • Quality of the products.
  • Flexible and individual pricing.
  • Effective differentiated product promoting methods.
  • Ability to perform individual and small-quantity orders.

Achievement of the highest quality level by means of:

  • Creation of the quality management system based on incoming laboratory control of quality of raw material and half-finished products; maintaining rigorous process discipline.
  • Providing with the complete set of laboratory equipment and I&C systems capable of controlling manufacturing process via specified quality requirements.

Reduction of the production costs due to:

  • Concluding strategic alliances with resource suppliers aiming at developing a supply plan advantageous to both sides;
  • Creating an effective system of management accounting in the production of goods in order to specify the objects of management action;
  • Applying innovative technologies, equipment and raw material for the purpose of decreasing consumption rate of all kinds of resources (material, energy, labor);
  • Establishing an effective system for attracting and motivating personnel to improve the efficiency of labour (reduction of the production costs and improvement in the quality of production).