Impact crushing equipment is used in recycling of most types of industrial waste. Since recycling industry was poorly developed in the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation didn’t have engineering companies capable to manufacture crushing and grinding equipment for recycling except for machines for recycling wood waste (Plant …) when changing the system of management.

Almost all recycling equipment nowadays is imported from abroad. Consequently, the manufacture of working parts of recycling machines is subject to increased quality requirements.

Recycling of glassware and broken glass (two grinding processes)

Broken glass to fraction of 8-30 mm

Grinding glass bits to fine fraction (powder)

Recycling of household waste

Recycling of sorted household waste

Compression of household waste deposit

Waste wood recycling
Recycling of crap metal and cables

Recycling of scrap iron and steel

Recycling cables and wires

Recycling of production faults of ceramic tiles and expanded clay
Recycling of construction waste
Recycling of used tyres