The company CJSC Praxis Engineering was established in 2011 as a venture company specializing in commercialization of innovations in the field of wear-resistant materials and alloys used for producing wear parts of grinding and milling equipment for power industry, cement production and other types of industries.

The first venture project was a project for extending significantly (not less than 3 times) a life time of high-wear elements for the grinding mill equipment – their working parts, hammers and blowbars. In search for technology, the main specific criterion was its price competitive ability in respect to standard products – hammers and blowbars made of manganese steels (the most widespread brand of steel – Mangalloy 100g 13l).

During the period from 2011 to 2013 a technology has been developed (manufacture of products of bimetallic alloys) which increased service life of hammers and blowbars from 3 up to 6 times and made it possible to accomplish an assigned task. Moreover, a lot of technological tests performed enabled to find an optimal proportion of alloys and optimize constructional forms of the products for different types of equipment and operation conditions.

At present domestic pilot production allows us to produce up to 15t of bimetallic castings and 10t of wear-resistant monocastings per month for individual orders.
In 2014, based on the national market needs, export potential of bimetallic products and accordant to the strategy of the company it was decided to build a foundry with capacity of 1200t of bimetallic castings per year supplied with modern high-technology equipment and having experimental engineering center functioning on the basis of the foundry specializing in wear-resistant alloy manufacture and products made of these alloys.

06.11.14, according to the requirement of federal legislation ( FZ No.116 dated 23.07.2013 “About special economic zones in the Russian Federation”) the enterprise LLC “Innovative Engineering Centre “LITIKS”” (100% subsidiary of CJSC “Praxis Engineering”) was registered which was acknowledged as a resident of SEZ IDT “LIPETSK” after consideration of the business plan for the foundry construction at the Advisory Council in MED and upon signing of the corresponding Agreement on performing industrial and developmental activity in special economic zone.

Exterior of the foundry and engineering center (1st stage)
Exterior of the foundry and engineering center (1st stage).

The commissioning of the first stage of industrial engineering complex is planned for middle of 2020.

It is planned to construct at least one more building later within the bounds of a marked region where the production line of wear-resistant bimetallic plates will be arranged. The plates will be manufactured according to the innovative laser-casting technologies which are being under development at the moment.